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Techniques of the Uncanny



ICI Berlin
6-8 April 2009


Workshop Programme

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Monday, April 6th

15.00-18:30 I Constellations
Chair: Christoph Holzhey

- Michaela Wünsch (Berlin) Uncanny Thinking

- Monika Shafi (Delaware) Houses and the Uncanny in Contemporary German Literature
- Roman Widholm (Vienna) Uncanny Methods for Uncanny People: How Behaviorism Approaches the Subject of Autism

19.00 Public Event
- Welcome (Christoph Holzhey, ICI Berlin)

- Keynote: Elisabeth Bronfen (Zürich) Visuality - Textuality: An Uncanny Encounter

Casual Reception

Tuesday, April 7th

10:00-13:30 II After-Image(s)
Chair: Fabio Camilletti

- Hécate Vergopoulos (Avignon/Montréal) Uncanny, but Towards What? A Referential Approach to the Uncanny Based on the
- Study of Legends

- Tan Wälchli (Chicago) «Living Images» and Literary Technique: E.T.A. Hoffmann at the Intersection of Theology and Philosophy
- Orsetta Innocenti (Siena) Self Made Phantasmata and «Bleak» Houses. The 19th Victorian Society and its Well-Hidden Ghosts
- Giuseppe Episcopo (Naples) The Medieval Selva and the Postmodern Zone: The Locus Horridus as Spatial Dimensions of the
- Uncanny

15:00-18:30: III Creating Spectres
Chair: Rupert Gaderer

- Elisa Leonzio (Turin) «Er hatte eine Wasserscheu vor Gespenstergeschichten»: The Ghost Story in Late Eighteenth-Century
- Germany in the Light of Jean Paul’s Novel Die Unsichtbare Loge
- Morena Corradi (New York) Staging the Uncanny. Phantasmagoria in Post-Unification Italy
- Catrin Misselhorn (Tübingen) Empathy and the Uncanny Valley

19:00 Public Event
Preview of The Dangers, a short experimental narrative film by Siouxzi L Mernagh (Berlin/Sydney). Discussion led by Daniel Eschkötter (Weimar).

After-Screening Reception

Wednesday, April 8th

10:00-13:30: IV Figures

Chair: Jan Niklas Howe

- Simona Micali (Siena) The Disobedient Shadow

- Claudia Peppel (Berlin) Impassively True to Life. The Doll and Human Identity
- Vita Zilburg (Berlin) Engführung as a Case Study of Paul Celan’s Poetics of the Uncanny

- Laurie Johnson (Illinois) Uncanny Love: Schelling’s Meditations on the Spirit World
15:00-18:30: V Political Phantoms
Chair: Martin Doll

- Christine Blaettler (Potsdam/Berlin) Walter Benjamin’s Phantasmagoria and the Aesthetico-Political Dialectics of the Un-Canny

- Matthias Korn (Berlin) On the Uncanniness of Death: Bio-Power in Venice between Modern Age and Modernity
- Sandra Evans (Tübingen) Intangible Notions of the Uncanny
- Jaime Cuenca (Bilbao) The Political Potential of the Uncanny: The Zombie as a Metaphor for the Consumer
19:00 Public Event
Keynote: Anneleen Masschelein (Leuven) Between Animism and Animation: The Challenges of the Uncanny as (Un)concept in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Century